Nov 162009

The Coldfusion open source community just keeps getting stronger. Whenever I talk to other cf programmers who are thinking of moving to another platform (there still seems to be a deep seated belief that CF is not a “real” programming language) I point them to great projects like RIAForge or a host of open source tags and components that I have used recently to remind them that the community is alive and well.

The latest of these that I have implemented successfully is an excellent implementation of DaisyDiff by Daniel Mackey.  Though he has put together a direct Java jar implementation I have opted for his CFX_CompareHTML implementation because of it’s support for UTF-8 characters, he sent it on to me directly the last time I checked it wasn’t available on line (thanks Dan).

The free CFX_compareHTML does a DIFF analyses on formatted html, and then displays it as a combined diff output, this is useful for comparing before and after content for example and is comparable to tools such as (the very expensive) diffdoc.  Diffdoc costs about $4000 for a server license, and while it has more applications (i.e. as a desktop tool) for web based html comparison CFX_CompareHTML is more than adequate.

Once installed (the one downside of CFX tags is of course the need to install them and set their path in CF admin) it’s as simple as:

<cfx_CompareHTML left=“Some HTML content” right=“Some more HTML Content”>

Produces the following (nicked from – hope that’s ok Dan?!)


As I mentioned there are a couple of great tags/components in the CF open source world that I’ve used lately, and inspired by this excellent work I’ll be documenting them over the coming days.

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