Oct 262009

This morning when I uploaded my site to live I came across one of those cryptic CakePHP messages Error: The requested address “/” was not found on this serverwhich I thought I’d blog about just as a note to self.  I knew I had access to everything and my Auth setup was copied from DEV where it was working so I went through my normal routine for identifying the problem.

In my case it turned out to be a number of issues (a missing file and a missing database table) but the process to identify and therefore fix the problem is:

  1. Make sure you set up your DATABASE_CONFIG is setup correctly (database.php)
  2. Check that your tmp folder (and all of it’s sub folders) are writable (at least chmod 666 on Linux),
  3. While you’re there delete all cache files from allof the tmp sub folders

 After that, if you’re still having “Error: The requested address “/” was not found on this server” then you’re likely to be missing a database table or an include file, so go into your core.php and set:

Configure::write('debug', 2);

This should reveal any remaining issues.

  12 Responses to “Error: The requested address “/” was not found on this server – CakePHP Error”

  1. great tutorial.. thank’s a lot

  2. Thank you – I had the exact issue and your solution worked perfectly.

  3. Great to hear Andrew, thanks for the comment.

  4. You just saved my life. I just had to clear the cache, but I was so panicked it didn’t even occur to me. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, very useful. I think the first step should be to set the debug level to 2 as this should display the errors, rather than guessing at what they are.

  6. Thank You

  7. Thanks bro…..
    u r great…

  8. Thank 4 the post! I had the same error but your post was the solution. Blessings friend

  9. perfect tut

  10. Nice post..lot of thanks 4 this post

  11. hello

    i turned on cache as “Configure::write(‘debug’, 2);”
    but it shows only warnings and notices not errors.

    please help me how to enable the errors.

  12. Thank You

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