Aug 252009

Anyone who has played around with the MetaBase.xml for IIS will know the sinking feeling that happens when it seems to just corrupt out of no where and IIS wont start again, you may notice in particular a message in the system event log “service-specific error 2149648394 (0x8021080A)“.  Well fortunately Microsoft has identified this is a likely occurrence and has carefully supplied a backup of the MetaBase.xml, which is located in:


To restore a corrupt MetaBase.xml, find the file that is the most up to date (that you’re sure was working) and simply copy it back into:


And rename it MetaBase.xml

You should be able to restart IIS without a problem

  6 Responses to “How to restore a corrupt MetaBase.xml”

  1. you save our day.. thanks man…

  2. Excellent! I know it can be very painful issue!

  3. Thanks a ton from 3 hrs I’m begging for help and I got from u

  4. I concur with Banu – we wasted allot of time on this. Then we found this post – 5 minutes later we are up and running again. Thank you, sir!

  5. You are such a life saver.

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